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Clifty Pins for Events

Elevate Your Events with Digital Collectibles

Welcome to the Clifty Pins Member Experience, a place where simplicity meets innovation. Experience the potential of digital collectibles for your events, all without the need for understanding blockchain or dealing with cryptocurrency transactions. Clifty Pins enables you to provide your audience with engaging collectibles with ease.

QR Codes

Create personalized QR codes for each digital collectible, allowing collectors to easily accept and add the collectible to their Clifty Pins collection. Display the QR codes in your events. 




Create Polygon tokens (ERC-721) as your event collectibles, all at no cost.



Seamlessly send tokens to your attendees via email. No wallets or complex technologies needed on their end.



Store your Pins on the IPFS (public file system) without any storage fees.

Use as a ticket

Clifty Verification

Members of Clifty can request their attendees to display their digital collectibles as a form of ticket verification. Instead of requiring a device, members can simply post a QR code and ask those who own the digital collectibles to present it.

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