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Clifty offers an easy way to distribute and collect Digital Collectibles. We offer all of these services free to customers who collect.

Where are the Digital Collectibles stored?

Clifty stores all of the Digital Collectibles in Blockchain. Blockchain is a ledger technology where information is stored publicly. It doesn't cost anything for Collectors. We use POLYGON chain and the token type is ERC-721.


Can I trade these collectibles?

Clifty doesn't allow collectors to trade them on any platform. These tokens are meant to represent the collector's ownership of these items. They don't hold any value other than the distributor (event host, organizations, etc.) offer them during or part of the event.


Transfer these collectibles?

Clifty doesn't offer a service to transfer them to anyone on or off the platform. We generate a blockchain key pair to store these tokens for you or on behalf of you. We have high-security guidelines to protect them from losing them to the wrong hands.


Do I need Crypto Wallet?

As a collector, you don't need anything to store these in your account. We have a custodial wallet maintained for you. You can see the public key of that wallet once you signed in to your account. You can also see the pins stored in your gallery inside the blockchain itself.

Get in Touch

Please reach us at if you have any other questions.

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