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Clifty Inc Launches Free NFT Generation and Distribution Platform

September 2, 2023

Clifty Inc Launches Free NFT Generation and Distribution Platform

Clifty, an innovative startup based in Andover, MA, announced today the launch of its software-as-a-service platform, that enables users to generate, distribute, and manage digital collectibles as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Polygon blockchain.


The Clifty platform, available completely free to charge, allows members to create unique digital collectibles, also known as NFTs, by simply uploading an image or video. These digital collectibles are generated on Polygon using ERC-721 tokens, making them accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Collectors can receive these rewards or collectibles by scanning a QR code or through an email, allowing for global distribution and an easy onboarding experience for new collectors.


"We built Clifty to make NFTs as accessible as possible to all users," said Muthu Arumugam, CEO of Clifty Inc. "With our platform, anyone can create, share and engage their NFTs with collectors around the world, all at no cost at launch. We think NFTs have huge potential beyond just collectibles, and our goal is to enable that potential for creators and brands of all shapes & sizes.”


The Clifty platform provides an user-friendly dashboard for members to upload media, customize NFTs, and share them with collectors. Members hold full ownership and control over their NFT, enabling them to choose whether to sell, gift, use for marketing or engage with their audience in creative ways. Notably, Clifty does not take any fees or revenue share from its members. "We are on a mission to elevate the experience of creating real world assets in the digital world. Once these collectables are distributed, they are not connected to the origin - the beauty of using NFT technology." said Khyati Aggarwal, Director of Product of Clifty Inc.

Clifty is currently accepting new member signups at The platform will remain free to use for all members. Clifty was founded in 2021 by Muthu Arumugam and is based in Andover, MA.


About Clifty Inc:

Clifty Inc. is an NFT generation and distribution platform that makes creating and sharing NFTs accessible to everyone for free. The Clifty platform allows members to generate unique digital collectibles on the Polygon blockchain and distribute them to collectors around the world. Clifty was founded in 2022 by Muthu Arumugam and is based in Andover, MA. For more information, visit

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